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Terrill Mast

Logo for Terrill Mast

Terrill Mast is a multimedia artist who specializes in music, writing, and visual art. For his logo, he came to me with a rough design of his which I then polished and optimized for branding. The design itself represents “the unification of two bodies collaborating in an effort to create something greater than the sum of their parts.” We used the finished logo and a painting of his to create a simple design that worked as album/song artwork.

For the design of the pamphlet page I was inspired by a song from one of his working albums that reminded me of space and science fiction. Knowing that Mast was partial to classic arcade games, I incorporated first-person elements to give the viewer the same vantage point of someone playing a space-themed video game.

Check out his music and current projects at his website here.

A CD case and album pamphlet design  for Terrill Mast's album

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