Victor Madrid Logo


Logo for KALM

For a semester long project, we created a full campaign for a product of our choice. I decided to create a lip balm that used kale as a main ingredient. The name of my product, KALM, came from the combination of the main ingredient and the response I want the consumer to have when they use my lip balm. I incorporated the kale into the design of my logo because it was the unique selling point that would make my lip balm stick out from the competition.

Following the design of the logo I created the design of the actual lip balm label, ads, a direct mailer and a point of purchase stand where my product would be displayed. For all of the collateral I wanted a harmonious theme where the entire campaign looked similar so that the consumer can easily recognize my product from the ad to the point of purchase.

A photo of the point of purchase for KALM
A photo of the direct mailer for KALM

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